Cedacri International
Innovazione = Evoluzione

Cedacri International is the Cedacri Group company established in 2008 in the capital of the Republic of Moldova that offers Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing services to clients of the banking system. Cedacri Group for more than 30 years has been a leader in the outsourcing market. for banks, financial institutions, and industrial companies: with 40 million transactions handled daily, 40,000 system users, 30,000 Mips of mainframe processing power, and 4,000 servers, Cedacri's data centers rank among the top Italian data centers. Consolidated 2016 revenues stood at 274 Mln euros. Clients who rely on the solutions proposed by Cedacri obtain significant benefits in terms of:
  • Implementation of projects of any size;
  • Guarantee of high quality standards of the services offered;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Availability of a team of highly specialized personnel.
With the professional and financial support of one of the most powerful companies in the IT outsourcing industry, Cedacri International has grown significantly since 2008 in terms of turnover, space, employees, volume of work and quality of services offered. With projects completed for the Group's clients, our team has gained extensive experience in IT for the banking sector internationally.