Cedacri International

Software Development Department

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The IT department of Cedacri International is comprised of a team of professionals that are constantly improving both their technical skills and their command of the Italian language, thus guaranteeing that the software developed by Cedacri International meets the highest standards of quality.

The main functions of this department are as follows:
• Project management
• Systems and business analysis
• Development of technologies and patterns; their implementation on different platforms
• Development, integration and maintenance of IT solutions of any complexity
• Development and implementation of banking sector oriented software

Our team has accumulated vast experience in such a specific domain as banking and finance by accomplishing projects for some of the largest financial sector of Italy.

The categories of the accomplished projects include:
• The development of core banking system integrated software
• The development software solutions and their integration in a multi-channel banking system (Internet Banking, ATM banking)
• The development of a set of applications meant to digitalize and integrate within a user-friendly environment all the operations performed by the bank counter operators.
• The development of a credit management software system for the banks of Italy
• The development of an electronic-card management software system
• The efficient use, upgrade, maintenance and support of existing applications that form the Cedacri Information System.

During our professional activity we have obtained experience in IT consulting, the development, implementation and management of applications that are absolutely critical to financial services business . We use different advanced IT technologies, depending on the requirements of every given project:
– Cobol (used for financial sector applications)
– Java EE
– .Net
– JavaScript for Adobe (Adobe LIveCycle Designer)
– Web (HTML/ CSS/JavaScript/PHP/XSL…)
– Ms SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL..

All of the activities are performed in tight cooperation with our colleagues from Italy. There, a group of analysts receives functional specifications from the client, process them into more detailed technical analysis documents and than sends it to us, in Moldova. Thus, our team operates in an environment that requires cooperation at an international level.

The organization and structure of the IT department enables each and every employee to dynamically evolve on both career and professional paths. Our employees take part in vast and interesting projects required by Italian companies and banking institutions. In some cases, temporary personnel exchange occurs between Cedacri International and the other Cedacri Group companies, in order contribute to more efficiently to the phase of project planning through proposals, opinions and strategies.

We are in permanent search of qualified professionals for software development and project management. We are in permanent search of qualified professionals in software development and project management. We provide our employees with an adequate environment for gaining knowledge and colleagues exchanging experience (either with local ones or specialists from Italy), thus motivating personal development and performance improvement of our teammates. Different trainings and opportunities to get certified in varied IT fields are organized periodically to promote personal/professional growth of the employees.

Our company offers newcomers a motivating batch of benefits that include:
• Training period
• Merit and capability based salary scale
• Varied trainings and professional growth
• Opportunities to work in Italy
• Be part of a young and dynamic team
• Team-buildings
• The possibility to work in a technically/technologically advanced and stimulating environment