Cedacri International

Business Process Outsourcing Division

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The Business Process Outsourcing Department (BPO) is designed exclusively to offer externalized banking services to those banks of Italy that are clients of the Cedacri Group.

Objectives of the management of the B.P.O. department are:
• Ensuring deadline compliance
• Ensuring compliance of services with the required quality parameters/standards
• Training of the operators
• Ensuring the compliance of the operators with the requirements of the client/Meeting client requirements regarding operators professionalism
• General management of the services quality and activity of the operators

The BPO Department is comprised of two divisions: Back Office and Banking Services.

The Back Office Division offers a wide range of services meant for the banking system of Italy. The divisions main task are: the execution of banking operations within the limits of the deadlines required by the system, transactions management, direct data input for the client-service system, documents management; the registration, oversight and administration of operations executed within the system.

The main services offered by the Back Office Division are as follows:
• Back Office Stock Operations
• Back Office Mortgage Loans
• Personal Client Data Entry
• Call Center Home Banking
• Contract Management Home Banking
• Stock Value Evaluation
• Client Portfolio Management
• Certified E-mail service
• Data Entry SAP
• Data Banks Update

The Banking Services Division provides the banks and their clients with a wide range of services on a 24/7 schedule

The main services offered by the Banking Service Division are as follows:
• ATM Monitoring (over 1.600)
• POS Operator Assistance (over 14.400)
• Fraud Monitoring and Card Blocking (24/7 activity )
• Call Center (24/7 activity)
• Server Monitoring
• Cedacri Group Centralino

In order to guarantee our client’s personal data security Cedacri International has complied with the PCI DSS certification. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), intended to guarantee the security and protection of the card owner’s card personal data, has been created by Visa and MasterCard. It was then embraced and supported by all the other major companies that operate in this sector of services on an international scale.